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If reasonable mechanic features or high solidities requested, the
coquilles aluminium die casting process will be the preferred in case of minor series.

Weight range: 0.010 kg  – 5.0 kg
Production batch: small and average series
Advantages: Owing to the heat dissipation the coquilles-casting has a fine-grained, dense structure
with good mechanic features. The cast parts possess a high dimension accuracy as
well as surface quality and need to be treated mechanically only a bit. Moreover,
the process is really productive.
Description: The coquilles-die-casting belongs as also the die casting to the precision die casting
processes. Casted is downwards in metallic permanent shapes which are implemented
two- or multipart for the removal of the finished cast part. Cavities and undercuts are
generated by cores made of metal. Owing to the high heat conductivity of the coquille,
the molten mass solidifies very quickly, thus a fine-grained structure occurs. Our
modern machines are linked with corresponding periphery to partial or full automatic
production units.
Form durability: Strongly depending on the coquilles material, the casting metal and the component
geometry. Aluminium cast parts, approximately 20,000 casting processes
Alloy: All common aluminium coquilles-casting alloys