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Casting cell

The Angstrom VOSS casting cell – a novel aluminum die-casting system

To meet the steadily growing demands on the casting quality and casting surface, now we have invested into a new die cast aluminium system. Based on a machine with a closing force of 550t, the state of the art while purchasing the periphery was minded. The investment volume amounts to 500.000 Euro. The new system is equipped with two melting furnaces, in which alternating melting, pre-treating and casting takes place. Conditioned through this “rotation system” a consistent and pure quality of the respective cast alloy is guaranteed.







Novel is also the withdrawal out of the crucible:

Not like the common way with ladles, but with aid of a “vacuum aspirator” the liquid metal is sucked in under the surface and is filled exactly dosed into the casting chamber of the DCM (die cast machine). This procedure guarantees the highest metal purity, because neither interfering particles on the surface of the metal, nor the always-existing “casting-skin” enter the casting process.
This modern casting system (in that constellation currently unique worldwide!), which is equipped with mostly automatic processing operations, complements the die cast machinery of Angstrom VOSS in the upper segment of the clamping force. It is possible to spread out tools up to ca. 700 mm x 700 mm, with which casting parts up to a theoretical unit weight of 7kg can be produced. The theoretical production quantity of aluminium amounts in a three-shift operation to ca. 18t a day.

Angstrom VOSS owns with the new DCM in total five die cast systems, in sizes (clamping forces) of 150t, 225t, 400t, and (new) 550t. The performance and range of the production possibilities increases significantly due to the new system!

Alongside to the production systems at the aluminium casting, Angstrom VOSS offers in on-site CNC-machining centres (5 axes as well) the complete post processing at the highest stage. The appropriate quality is guaranteed through controls of the processed products by using a 3D-measuring machine of Zeiss. In the course of the actual casting process quality-relevant controls take place as well.

As a further service we offer surface-coating, resp. –finishing (i.e. slide grinding, radiance, etc.) of all kinds. Processing, montage and delivery of whole assemblies are part of our service portfolio as well.

Angstrom VOSS products and services are of course subject of constant surveillance following DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 of DIN EN 13561 (awning-systems) and (new) following DIN EN 15088.