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chill casting coquilles casting aluminium die casting Paul Voss Finnentrop Germany.

Paul Voss GmbH & Co.KG

As a significant, certified producer of aluminium die- and coquilles casting parts, we face up confidently the technical and economic challenges of the new markets.

In our 50 years of company history, we have developed to a considerably powerful casting company who achieved by their motivated and highly qualified employees,

their investments in the latest production technologies and well-engineered production methods, a great flexibility as customer casting company.
Another company focus is on the production and distribution of our high-value sun protection systems. Further information, please find here!

Innovation and Technology - The Voss casting cell

The VOSS-casting cell – a new aluminum die-casting plant
Consistently pure quality, unique alloy casting.

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The production areas

From aluminium die casting to coquilles die casting to construction and processing, we are always prepared to accomplish all your requirements.

Our products ...

More than 50 years of knowledge

Since the foundation in 1957, the high and constant quality aspiration of Voss cast parts has been in the

Let’s take a look in the history ...

Paul Voss Full-Service Casthouse Chill Casting



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